Effective Asbestos Management: Safeguarding Health and Ensuring Compliance

A management survey is the standard survey, it is a legal requirement for duty holders responsible for any non-domestic premises.

Accurate Asbestos Sampling: Ensuring Precise Risk Assessment and Management

Also known as bulk sampling, an asbestos sampling survey is conducted to give peace of mind as to whether part of a building contains ACM's.

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We are an asbestos surveying company and able to offer our services throughout Cambridge, Essex and the whole of the UK. We work with Industrial, Commercial and Domestic clients to provide fully insured and HSG264 compliant surveys.

We always abide by strict regulations and we aim to complete every survey with complete precision for each of our clients.



CHART Survey Solutions offers a number of surveys to meet the needs of every client, carried out by a fully qualified surveyor.



We provide a reliable solution for identifying asbestos in a building through bulk sampling, which is analyzed by a UKAS accredited laboratory.



If you need further advice on asbestos management, CHART is on hand to assist you through the whole process.

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Flexible and Trustworthy Asbestos Surveys

CHART Survey Solutions is an asbestos management service. We offer flexible and reliable solutions to your asbestos requirements.

​We understand the needs of people and businesses and we’re able to offer evening and weekend survey appointments.

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Asbestos consultancy involves professional assessment, management, and guidance regarding asbestos-containing materials to ensure compliance with regulations and safeguard health. This is mandatory before work takes place.

Asbestos consultancy is crucial for identifying asbestos risks, developing management plans, conducting inspections, and ensuring safe handling and removal practices to protect individuals and the environment.

It is mandatory to hire an asbestos consultant when planning renovations, demolitions, or property transactions, or if you suspect the presence of asbestos-containing materials in your building.

Experienced asbestos consultants usually possess certifications and qualifications that are recognized by regulatory bodies. These may include licenses from relevant authorities and accreditation from professional organizations that specialize in asbestos management.

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If you're looking for asbestos related guidance or further information, we're happy to help.

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