About Us

About Us

About CHART Survey Solutions

We are an asbestos surveying company and able to offer our services throughout the whole of the UK. We work with Industrial, Commercial and Domestic clients to provide fully insured and HSG264 compliant surveys.

We always abide by strict regulations and we aim to complete every survey with complete precision for each of our clients.

We know that unless you are familiar with the industry, finding the right answers and having a survey completed can seem like a bit of a puzzle, and so if you’re looking for asbestos related guidance or further information, we’re happy to help.



CHART Survey Solutions offers a number of surveys to meet the needs of every client, carried out by a fully qualified surveyor.



If you're looking to find out if a building contains asbestos whether, we offer bulk sampling analysed by a UKAS accredited lab.



If you need further advice on asbestos management, CHART is on hand to assist you through the whole process.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is the term used to describe a group of minerals made of microscopic fibres.

​Over 14 million properties were built at a time when asbestos was extensively used.

We have since been made aware of its dangers and a large number of buildings built before 2000 may contain asbestos materials..

Asbestos can be found as part of many industrial, residential and commercial properties and within materials you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Asbestos was most commonly used for insulation, fireproofing and flooring purposes.

​Asbestos is now banned in the UK and although asbestos materials that are deemed to be in a good condition are safe, there is a risk of them being damaged and inhaled if the fibres become air-bourne.