Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase Asbestos Survey

A pre-purchase survey is a survey available for anybody that is in the process of purchasing a property. As a homebuyer you may need a pre-purchase survey if your home was built prior to the year 2000. It is important to know beforehand that the property you are buying is a safe environment.

​This survey is non-intrusive and therefore minor disturbance will occur to the building. Most vendors will not allow for a fully intrusive refurbishment and demolition survey at the point where you, the buyer, do not yet own the property.

This type of survey cannot be used if refurbishment or demolition works are to take place.


A pre-purchase survey for asbestos is important to assess potential asbestos risks in a property before buying. It helps you make an informed decision and plan for any necessary asbestos management or removal.

A pre-purchase survey involves a comprehensive inspection of the property to identify the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and assess their condition. Sampling may be conducted to confirm the presence of asbestos.

Conducting a pre-purchase survey for asbestos allows you to understand the extent of asbestos risks, estimate potential costs for remediation, negotiate property prices, and ensure the safety of future occupants.

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