Asbestos Sampling

Asbestos Sampling

Asbestos Sampling

Also known as bulk sampling, an asbestos sampling survey is conducted to give peace of mind as to whether part of a building contains ACM’s. Bulk sampling allows us to extract a small sample or samples from an area, which is then analysed to determine the properties of the material.

Asbestos sampling can be conducted as an individual service if a client knows specifically what part of the building needs sampling and does not necessarily follow from an asbestos survey.


Asbestos sampling is essential to accurately identify and assess the presence of asbestos in materials. It helps determine the risk level, develop appropriate management strategies, and ensure the safety of occupants.

Different methods of asbestos sampling include bulk sampling, where material samples are collected and analyzed, and dust sampling to assess airborne asbestos fibers. Each method has specific applications depending on the situation.

Asbestos sampling involves trained professionals collecting representative samples, following established protocols. Key considerations include identifying sample locations, using proper equipment, adhering to safety measures, and sending samples to accredited laboratories for analysis.

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